Advisory Services

It is always important to understand the industry, talent availability, competitor analysis, understand the compensation structure of your competitors to device a great talent acquisition strategy and understand recent trends & practices in HR and framing policies that is fair, inclusive and transparent to work towards talent retention. We at Arete Careers have the necessary data & do research for each of the following to help our clients take informed decisions.

Framing Company Policies

Talent retention is directly proportional to the impartiality and effectiveness of company policies. The consultants at Arete Careers conduct in-depth research into the client’s industry and competitors, before outlining a company policy that is fair and conducive to employee development and growth.

Competitor Analysis / Industry Mapping

This is a detailed research conducted by Arete on talent pool availability, different levels & skills of these talent available, competitors & their organization structure, compensation, etc which would help business take an informed decision before setting up a new office & for effective talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Compensation Survey

Retaining talented employees is impossible if the compensation & benefits offered is not at par with the industry. At Arete Careers, our experienced consultants conduct a thorough compensation survey that considers the industry prevalent practices and competitor offers. This is a detailed study on,

  • Compensation structure at different levels of individual companies on their fixed, bonus & other benefits.
  • Average compensation across competitors for an experience level.